The Last Elf–a manga-styled graphic story

I am releasing the prologue and chapter 1 of The Last Elf for download, readable on any PDF viewer. This is not necessarily the final version, but it is a fairly complete version at the moment. I am currently working on chapter 3, but ADD may yet hijack my ability to finish. On hopes that perhaps it won’t, please enjoy the prologue and chapter 1.

OH AND PLEASE REMEMBER–this graphic novel uses the Japanese compilation style, so you will have to read the story from RIGHT TO LEFT instead of our American way of left to right. This method includes word bubbles within each scene as well.

That said, if you want to help out a starving artist, you can get your copy of Bottomless: Journey to the Edge right HERE!


The Last Elf V1 Prologue

The Last Elf V1 Chapter 1