Druidess of Judea I

Dear Abigail of Judea,

I trust the marked address is the one and the same you rendered to me at the time of our meeting at the capitol last month. If so, I will beg your amicable friendship through the good medium of hand-written letters.

I wanted to say what a merry time it was at the Festival of the Southern Days. In addition to your acquaintanceship, I procured many treasures which I might not have otherwise obtained had I not been exposed to the cultural expose. I am delighted to find that you are able to leave your land once a year to participate in that most special of all occasions. I wish for your sake that you would see more of the world in your youth, but it is understandable that a woman of your responsibilities must maintain those responsibilities with her own presence.

I want to tell you that I have planned a trip to your homeland in the Judean Valley. In one month’s time, I will have my affairs in order and I will be able to travel abroad. Furthermore, you have wetted my appetite, so to speak, for the fruit trees from which you make all of your preserves and jellies. I want to see these remarkable places which might be best expressed by the experience of the eyes as opposed to the telltale words of the imagination.

I fear I have run out of ink, but I wish to get this letter to you before the last day of the labor week, and the ink shops are about to close. I will send you more in another letter.

Your new friend, Belvor the Mage, of the holy order of the magus.


Dear Magus Belvor,

I am interested for you to tell me some of your tales yourself, only instead of being able to see them for myself, I will have to be satisfied with the retelling of them from your memory. As for my own tales, I will let the trees tell them when I come, for they are altogether boring, and the trees may yet spin a more interesting tale for you.

I say that to mean that I do not think you should make this your first stop. There are thousands of beautiful places along the countrysides surrounding Judea. Won’t you be happier stopping somewhere more exalted in the eyes of the city dwellers?

The Nephilim kingdom isn’t far away from where you are; I have seen pictures of the Nephilim kingdom in books, and I can tell you that the most beautiful works of art of our countryside cannot compare in any respect with the most vulgar, most hideous oil painting of their own lot of the earth.

I hope that your journey will go well. I will end this letter by asking you to yield a tale of your heroic efforts as a holy mage against the forces of darkness.

Your acquaintance,

Abigail of Judea.

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