Official Love Canticle of the Space Pirate (Canticle #7)

True Love is total despair

The lion of fear descends upon my camp,

“Trust,” You say; You frighten him, and he eats his own demise.

Yet still, despair knocks

My heart, the scabbard; despair, the knife sealed therein, even to the hilt

Will I outlive the challenge?

Teeth gritted, the blood pours forth at each pulse


True love holds hands with despair;

Will I survive its company as it descends to my side by this campfire?

I bow my head, and gravity soaks my arms in sticky creeks of red pain

I look for another way, but there is none;

I cry for forgiveness of hidden sin,

Yet the hands of my heart will not let this dagger go.

It loves.


Hold it in, and do not sin;

The heart will never let go of its precious possession of love;

Make me as You are.

Therefore, pierce me, despair, and never cease;

Flowing blood, paint the grass underfoot darkest crimson gloss

And feel my pulse against your sharpened tip, double-edged dagger.


For my love is true; God grant that my love be like His.

I cannot remove this, so I will face it with conviction

I will love beyond all pain;

God, only grant that I might survive to see spring breaking open the flower’s bud,

That the thorns of love’s rose might not bite and devour the clenched hands around its stem forever




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