I tap the rusted metal:

A hollow ting replies.

The final quart slops around the floor of the barrel,

And I behold it with reverence as though to the cure for all disease.

Treasured, the air of greedy lungs that falls into the salty foam.

Loathsome, the foam that expands as far as the curve of earth’s hips.

Yet sword imbued not with brittle but folded, sharpened steel.


Have I lost you already?

Do I kiss you goodbye, or grab onto the hand being yanked out by the waves?

Can I reach it though I stretch as a sunflower beneath Old Man Oak’s branches?

Motivation melts into the gorge, the avalanche of sand unbridled and crescendoing.

Do you not know that you are everything?

All else is sand displaced by swift Wind’s howl,

Or sand which is sucked into the abyss by Neptune’s calloused palms;

Be careful, or I will cut you

Tread with care, or bleed through sundered artery

For I am the one sinking


I am pulled to the bottom of the ocean—

How do I stop this? What rope do I cling to?

What life preserver shall scoop me in its bosom

To rescue me from abandoned, lethal depths?

Come back to me, ghosts of the world above the sea,

Fading like memories of childhood dreams–of Spring’s fresh kindled soul,

Its forests dripping off sleep’s cold cloak,

Its gentle voice rending the deepest of snores and opening the heaviest eyes

Without causing distress.


And of Summer, its gravity, its temptation to forsake all work

To pursue the chase of games with trivial value,

To mock the hardest of labor and offer instead handfuls of immaterial fabric.

Fading like memories of Fall’s cool breath after a bath in the sun’s sauna,

And the nesting blankets of Winter’s glacial peak,

Where all congregate and where hands learn again how to marry unity.


Sun, reach deeper with your rays of hope

Reach farther with the clarity of your face

Into the depths that would rather you had never visited.

Give them no rest who dwell in the abyss,

Who inhabit thousands of fathoms below where leviathans risk passage,

Where leviathans sweat out dread and scamper in flight at the wisp of a sound,

Where all who dwell pierce and gouge their eyes with spines

In order to live there.


Reach into their secret redoubt until they yield to your demand;

Bend your light around every column and wall

Until skin and scales smoke and seek the solace of another place,

Until their gutted eyes can see your flare and obey.


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