Should you go for a swim?

Lava_Wallpaper This is a selfie of me when I get home from work each day, without exception.

Perhaps not everyone is like this, and perhaps those who are, are not like this all the time. Perhaps, therefore, it is a viable conception that I am the only living creature on earth who represents this poor and oppressed category of persons.

Even so, I do not believe it a far stretch, nor do I think it wholly unethical, that humanity could bring an insignificant, seemingly molecular appreciation for this divergent strain of biodiversity.

Common sense would dictate the necessity of giving a reasonably wide birth to the owner of this fine countenance and demeanor for at least a long enough time for the bright glowing to die down just a wee bit.

A little common sense is not much to acquire and a little common courtesy is not much to ask, I am certain; single violations are of little consequence, but flagrant repeated violations, the equivalent of emotional sodomy, do tend to rack up after a few years.

So, perhaps–and I by no means presume to offer you any directives about how you ought to live your own life–tread with just a tiny, tiny, tiny grain-of-sand-sized portion of consideration–especially if you’re not the type of person who is particularly favorable toward the idea of taking a dive head-first into that lovely mien pictured above.

Or, if you are not particularly favorable toward the idea of having this enrapturing liquid anointing your forehead:


Or, if you are not altogether enthused at the occupation of  grasping this peculiar object with both bare hands:


Venting done.


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