Get “Bottomless” Free for a Limited Time on Kindle!

BottomlessCover HighResUnskewed

If you act fast, you can get your own FREE digital copy of “Bottomless: Journey to the Edge” on Amazon Kindle.

Bottomless: Journey to the Edge is a story that teeters “on the edge” of unencumbered insanity, traversing the sorrows and delights which lie on either side of that road through a collection of poems of form, rhyme and free verse.

And, while you happen to be lingering on that Amazon Kindle store page downloading your FREE COPY, if your eyes just so happen to have an inclination to deposit their perception upon a particular set of FIVE STARS, and your hand just happens to maneuver so as to deposit a click or tap upon the FIFTH STAR, thus highlighting all preceding stars in their golden splendor of triumph, then perhaps you will have PAID YOUR DUES to owning this ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME FREE OFFER!

But you had better HURRY. This offer ends on November 25th, 2015!

Click HERE for the Free Book!




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