Generic Love Poem’s Revenge [Attempt]



My love for you is like a river, long.

Enchantment drizzles down; repulsed despite,

This love for you just as a mountain, strong.


Annoyed, the tired face to which belongs,

Beset and pale with laments, nauseous quite,

Damned love for you, now like a river, long.


Thus, through the smiling blossoms drifts along

A toxin, portentous! Yet stands upright

These flowerets, which, as a mount, are strong.


Hence next, I rancher’s cattle spooked in throng

To, panicked, crush the flowerets outright–

Yet love for you still like a river, long.


Then called I curse of God to patch the wrong,

Imploring purgatory’s cleansing smite;

Yet He did fertilize the mountain, strong!


Then ceased I. For, consid’ring budded song

Of yearning: splendid sense made other lights–

My love for you just like a river, long,

This chorus shouts indeed; a mountain, strong!

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