The Duchess Pt. 2 of 2 (Spenserian Stanza x 4 + Italian Sonnet)

A wagging finger, without sound to speak,

That hard-sought stare which hastily did crash

Into the ground, a cliff upon its brink.

The Duchess mutt’ring ghostly sighs and rash

Contentions all amidst herself. Did dash

I quickly to her side, oblivious,

And met her swinging sidelong in a thrash,

Her scamper t’ward the safer earth in fuss,

Yet could I of her dread undress, extract, discuss?


The crashing sea beyond the ridge: despair;

My eldest thoughts to congregate beside,

But ere then, silence, formed a tower’s stair

That reached not merely down the cliff’s fierce tide,

A stony spiral, lightless to the eye,

But tore its way into abysmal route.

“A path to dungeons barren, black to bide,”

The interjected finger pointed ’bout,

“A place to live henceforth; my ominous redoubt!


“A bastion built one league beneath the quilt

Of waves, here petulant–your trespass hurts

My dignity, you waif! For as I wilt,

I must descend, as water’s strength, inert,

Rebounds to sea from soil’s loud overt

Derision for unwelcome tenant, I,

The stranger of inimical concert

Will also quit this thankless earth awry.”

But ire’s clout was stripped by tears’ betraying cry.


A man, most wise, once wrote veracity:

Of those despising all the world’s designs,

Devices scorned as plague and spoiled wine,

That love anew could, birthed of soul, succeed.


“A fabled flash of splendor’s resting deed,

Of eyes which earth does weep to sight enshrine

To osculate that incandescent shine–

I plead earth’s cause, a moment’s sigh, impede!


“And also for my own long-winded course,

Which ends this moment, fascination’s cusp,

The time when I abandon never must

This wilting face beset with true remorse.

Disown that place of darkness, for robust,

My hand of friendship; reap its eager source!”


No, never had I seen an aspect pass

Before by such unstable avenues

As if a jigsaw fully solved recast

Itself into a thousand pieces loosed,

All hope and recollection, forfeit brewed,

Entirety solution altered so.

Yet if not for eye’s resolute debut,

Then I would form from satin hand bestowed

Conclusion of her single thought’s riposte, “Let’s go!”


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