Ninja Lesson: Fire Soul


Aching to destroy

Filled with desire for consumption

Always hungry, never filled

Never satisfied til dead

Never happy–always desiring more

Taking all that it possibly can

Never at peace except when at war

Kill, burn, eat, grow, survive!



An unfathomable emptiness

Ever attempting to sate itself

Ever failing to attain

Never ceasing til smouldering last breath

A violent, hungry bear in a cage of straw

One tiny step from complete freedom

One minute leap from uncontrollable destruction


Behold, the power of flame!

Yamamoto Genryuusai, Head Captain, and his zanpakuto: “Ryūjin Jakka, reduce all creation to ash!” The very last man in all of God’s green universe that you want to face in battle–the man who would protect Soul Society, and all who share its borders, to his very dying breath.


Natsu “Salamander” Dragneel, son of Igneel, the Flame Dragon King. A dragon slayer whose soul of fire would never be put out, and whose flames would never yield or faulter when wielded against those who threatened his guild family.


Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. Filled with bitter self-loathing for all those he could not save, he spent his military career seeking to become Fuhrer; if those in charge protected those below them, and those below them in turn offered protection to those below even them, everyone would be protected–but such a scheme was impossible as long as King Bradley and “Father” were still alive. Mustang would willingly give his life to extend that protection to those entrusted to him and see that vision come to life.


Fire Lord Zuko, the prodigal firebender who set out on a quest to conquer the unyielding, overwhelming flame of anger which tore at his soul night and day. Always knowing the truth deep down but never able to access it, when sitting at the crossroads of his life, the truth was exposed in full, and he chose the path predestined for him, the path of which fate would not allow him to deny: to forgo his quest to earn his father’s love, destroy his father’s fruitless and selfish deeds which plunged the entire world into darkness. He achieved true honor by making peace where there was only murder, struggle, un-forgiveness and hatred.


God help me if I’ve forgotten anyone. If you don’t believe me that these characters are real people, then try writing a novel, spilling your soul into it completely–then try to walk away from it and tell me that you have not created a complete mirror of yourself onto its pages. This is an impossible task; there are souls of fire out there, and they must not lose heart in life due to the nature of their…extreme flammability.


And don’t forget the two witnesses who shoot fire out of their mouths to slay those who seek to hurt them and who can afflict the earth and mankind with all kinds of plagues as much as they wish. That shit’s on fire, too.


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