That God*&^$^^ Dumb &^%$ [EXPLICIT poem]

Hi. My name is ninjafrk77 and this poem is called “That Goddamned Dumb Cunt.” Please enjoy.

That Goddamned Dumb Cunt

By Ninjafrk77

‘Twas the night before Spring equinox, and all through the beach
Not a yaupon was stirring, not even a peach
But soon sun had risen, and so had the spring
And so had the gaura, delphiniums, green,
And so had the cunt
–‘ere might I be blunt–
That ol’ goddamned dumb cunt with the mind of a spleen.


This goddamned dumb cunt, with a smile on her face,
She had thought herself God, others weak and displaced
At the burnt smell of fire from her putrid V-gay,
And the acid spew’n throat, as a scrumptious buffet;
While she played with such fire
So to upset my ire,
That goddamned dumb cunt never noticed foul play.


T’was the day of the plants, and all through the sand,
Helianthus was blooming, liatris firsthand,
And the sea oats had flourished, geraniums too,
Mulhies and rosemary, palms, the whole crew.
But the sand of that yard
Bore her nothing, discard–
–ed. That goddamned dumb cunt didn’t know what to do!


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