RWBY–A Ninja Columm Highlight

What the f*** is this BS?! Its god awful. Terrible graphics. Boring storyline. What the hell,  is this for children? God, I can’t believe this sh♡t is on netflix, on my recommended section, even! God, don’t they ever put anything worth a hoot on there anymore? I mean, come on…this is so boring…I don’t like it at all…stupid wait, what was that? Oh no, what a bitch! That bitch gone get what’s coming to her, you just watch. Geez, he’s a clutz. Ohhh heh oh, well, I guess that was kinda funny. Woah, that was a cool weapon. Such weird graphics, I mean. Totally bad show. So bad, in fact, that I will keep watching it so I can tell other people how bad it is. You know, just to say that I did it. No way this is a good show. Terrible; simply awful.

Two hours later I am nearly pissing myself after having held it throughout the entire volume, not wanting to miss a single minute of young children slaying monsters and catching the bad guys with awesome moves and sweet weapons like the scythe-sniper rifle and fist cannon thing and badass robot girl with telekineticly-controlled swords. Caught up in the mystery of new characters and of how far the story line is going to take me and who is going to go to the dance with OOPS that’s in the second volume, and HEY I STILL GOTTA PEE).

So the third volume was supposed to come out sometime late this year, but the creator of the Remnant universe and animator of the series, Monty Oum, has up and died on us on Feb 1st of this month at the age of 33, and now I am heartbroken not only because he has died but because I don’t know if they will finish this series or not, and if they do finish it, whether or not they will finish it in the same spirit in which Monty Oum made it. For God’s sake, there are so many plot devices at work that were left unfinished in at the end of the second volume, questions and open doors that need to be answered and entered and discovered. If they end it in one more volume, great, but only if it is infused with Monty’s soul and is a conclusion worthy of the rest of his handiwork.

God rest his soul.

Or, better yet, reincarnate him so that he can grow up again and make more stuff.

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