Devices 2

Hungry Snake (Metaphor)

The serpent ate a smorgasbord of deer,

A feast that, any king see, howl in shame,

A pit sans trough his stomach does appear,

His appetite, undented, is a flame

That eats its every “meal,” all is acclaim.

Intestines are a capitalist, like us:

Strip everything of value, leave but dust.


When Snappchatting with an ADHD Individual (Hyperbole)

A thousand days and nights, sat on my ass,

I’ve sat up waiting thus for a reply;

A monologue a hundred stanzas vast

I scribe interim, stoic, not belie,

Upon the walls of Snapchat, underlie.

Forget you who I am, even my name,

Amnesia, disremember everything?


Fisherman’s Farce (Irony)

The fisherman had spent a lot that day,

Of time and money fixing up his gear

And filling up his boat with gas halfway.

He moves it to the ramp beside the pier,

And travels he five miles to sea’s frontier

To throw one line, a single pole, forsook:

Reclinde in chair, untroubled, reading book!


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