Character Study (in sonnet form)

I am starting a series where I inject a snapshot of the emotions of one of my fictional character into the format of some type of sonnet poem. The purpose is to better define what is going on inside of the mind of the character so that I can get a better understanding of how they reason and which actions they are most likely to take. Also, I am trying to sort out conflicts of what kind of personality I want each character to have; I am not quite convinced that one character ought to be quiet and sulky all the time, and that another ought to be so loudmouthed and bigoted. Yeesh. Well, here we go.

Internal Landscapes I (English Sonnet)

Its through the bars of harder iron than steel

In shadows darker than abandoned pit,

That soul of she is tranquil, never feels,

Not love nor hate nor even discontent.

The lovely song is never outward sung,

Transforms the swarming air around to ice:

As lips are parted by protruding tongue

To click the words embellished by the wise.

The gale within her soul is always still;

She will let go of everything inside,

No open door, desire of her will,

No envy of herself to those outside.

She find the storm, illuminate her bones,

The only logic she has ever known.


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