More Missing Junk–A Poem

DISCLAIMER: Okay. So maybe there aren’t any theives at all; maybe I just keep losing shit.

I cannot find the power cord, you see;
So mercilessly stowed amidst the junk.
And piles of useless things strowed everywhere,
And none of which is mine I must concede–
Dear God, how many things can one man need?
I’m looking in the fridge and up the stair,
My eyes are tired but I dont really care;
A bathroom holds the final dirty deed.

Take heed, my son, this lesson learn, you must,
Will keep from feeling down and sad and cursed.
I won’t say happy thoughts will meet you thus,
But last place you would check should be your first.
Next time the toilet’s clogged I’ll find some gloves,
For missing things can emerge from the worst!


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