Standing on the Precipice of Mammon’s Kingdom

wise man
builds his house
on a firm foundation.
||         ||         ||         ||
||         ||         ||         ||
||         ||         ||         ||

Code inspection and enforcement is very important in the area in which I live; any new house has to be built solidly enough to withstand hurricane force winds and storm surges. The foolish man does not build his house thus, and code enforcement catches up with him accordingly.

But this principle is true anywhere: if the house is build on a firm foundation, it will stand. If it isn’t, then it will shift and settle and sink and potentially break apart–and probably will. We have to jack up our house every so often; the front room has the feel of a tilted ship, and all the furniture has to be shimmed up because of how badly the floor is out of level. Our house was built before code standards were a “thing.”

Divide us and them, and figure it out for yourself.

Our lives mean more than theirs. I mean, our lives mean more to us than theirs do to them. Their lives are built on the precipice of mammon and the love of money; a man’s life consists in the abundance of his possesions. Our lives, however, are built on the power of the soul and consist of love and hope. We have to love eachother while dispossessed of mammon’s hoard in order to show them how they ought to live.

Dear God, I hope they get it. To be engaged in and chained to mammon means to be deficit of heart and absent of true love. True love is love that is without a “catch” and never ceases. Eternal love is love that cannot be quenched but grows like the flames of a wild fire, indefinitely and un-stiflingly. Not the torrential water of sin nor the bitterest frost of spiteful hate can quench it; it exists entirely apart from the substrate of circumstance.

Their lives are built to experience and lead to failure and emptiness; at the end of the day, they have nothing that cannot be consumed by fire or wrecked by flood or eaten by worms. We already have our reward, albeit one we must keep burning, but they will never have theirs. Ours is of unending love; theirs is of true love never experienced. We have our treasure in this world, but their treasure will pass away with this world and cease to exist. These three remain: faith, hope and love.

What treasure will we have when this world passes, except for that which cannot be burnt, flooded or eaten? Remember the three little pigs: straw, sticks, and bricks. What house will you build with the material asset of your days and the bonding glue of your hard labor? I hope it’s one that will last, and one that, for the cost paid, has reaped or will reap a worthy reward.

The worldly wealth has been taken from us to remind us of the difference between true love and temporal love. We already possess “heaven come to earth”; who among the rest of the world will understand this? I hope they all do. I think they all can. A man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. Love is more costly than many pearls. It is purchased with the soul. Nothing is free, love the least of all. Pay the price for what is worth the cost.

It’s us or them. Which one are you?

Love of man or love of money will determine what happens; I can’t fix the world but I can rebuild the torn-down walls and smoldering hovels within my own radius of life. We can change the world only if everyone does their part.

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