Gringo Parade–Ninja Column Highlight


Gringo Parade by Jonathan Ojanpera

What’s good about it?

  • Thought-provoking subtext involving unethical and immoral religious practices
  • Thoroughly developed plot experienced at a pace conducive to the events of the story
  • Very unique ideas that completely evade the “reused” or “rehashed” feel that other stories tend to harbor through regurgitation
  • Satirical voice ensures to keep the reader enthralled and provides a very particular set of perceptions in each scene; you probably haven’t read anything akin to this narrator’s voice before!
  • Interesting subject matter keeps the reader interested throughout, and it is sure to grab the attention of anyone who has ever been in that particular brand of social institution
  • Novella format–can be read entirely in one or two sittings
  • Great choice of setting: Costa Rica with a coinciding successful execution of imagery
  • Well-organized syntax: reading is smooth and well-worded, avoiding cliché terms and overused idioms; fresh.
  • Excellent set-up and delivery of comic relief in key places

What’s bad about it?

  • Potential to cause discomfort to subscribers of certain social or religious circles (Did Upton Sinclair care?)
  • Potential to hurt people’s feelings (see parenthetical citation above)
  • So…no bad things?? That’s right. No bad things.



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