And you thought your life was boring

Call me boring, call me old fashioned, call me a sissy or call me whatever. When the holidays or any other special occasions come around, people celebrate in all kinds of ways. I know of a hundred people tonight who are going to get slam-ass drunk, get into God-knows what kind of trouble and eventually fall asleep in some ditch and wake up late the next day with bird droppings on their heads. I wish I were kidding. Then they will calmly and collectedly brush themselves off, yawn, and proceed to walk home through an explosive hangover as the sun hangs at high noon and their brains try to recall, “WTF happened?”

I’m almost certain they will have more exciting memories than I ever will.

Me? I’m gonna stay at home and drink coffee past six o’clock (no no, BAD Kyle!) Yolo. The introvert life.

And, I don’t have to worry about my face showing up in the newspaper the next morning.

Anyway, maybe this will help anyone who was in doubt about having a boring life. Cause you ain’t seen “boring” yet, baby!


6 thoughts on “And you thought your life was boring

  1. Haha love this. Honestly though, if they’re getting “slam-ass drunk”, they probably have less memories than you do. 🙂

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