Three Voices


Voice One
Color blind;
You say, “rainbow,”
You say, “color wheel,”
Failing to show.
Dip my brush,
The darker grey
Spread on tight canvas–
Which colors are they?
What picture shaped?
Slap forth the oils
Unstable ashes
Burn with toil
Black as death,
Says “not ebony,”
Says “picturesque,”
Says “pretty.”
Reply I, “horror!”
Smash against easel
Blankness, torpor.
Darkest night;

Voice Two
Hold the light
Little candle,
Close to your bosom
Like a bangle.
Let me make
My bombs seem to have
Fell solidly
On your bridge.
You weren’t my prime,
Destroyed everything
Wrong place, wrong time.
Keep flame from
Equivalent of
One thing else:
The bombs I sent
Bringing many more
Will you dissent?
I am here;

Voice Three
Who to tell?
Could never know,
Touch black other side
See light aglow.
Wish to talk,
Cannot speak, mute;
Grasping for the wind,
Nothing en route.
Secret safe
Withheld from you,
No; punch through the black
With bombs, come through.
Is it wrong
To sink my teeth
Into your pale flesh?
I stand beneath
Broken bridge
Busted-up heaps,
The very worst act
Performed in weeks.


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