Disgruntled Landscaper


If you done made your landscaper give you this look, you done screwed up. No, you can’t have African iris and dwarf indian hawthorne and parson’s juniper and variegated pittosporum and plain old muhlie grass all over your garden. If we were trying to landscape a walmart, then maybe. MAYBE. But no. Just no. Those plants are what we call ”cliché,” or ”commercial properties only,” and no, you may not have them, and you may not overload your yard with them.

Please feel free, however, to use these delightful plants all you want in a beautiful container tucked away in the cranies and crevices of the walk-in closet in your bedroom.

Of course, I am being fececious. These plants have their purpose in the world of residential gardens, but you will understand when I claim that they are so repiticiously overused on such a massive scale that they are considered, for the purposes of a professional designer, as cliché, boring, dull, a monumental waste of space that could have been occupied by much more colorful, texturey and unique plant material.

So, please, if you hire a professional landscaper, let him do his job. Sure, he’ll concede to to your request to tuck away a few african iris or muhlie grass here or there, but it will be accented with something much more beautiful if you let him choose for you.


9 thoughts on “Disgruntled Landscaper

  1. Hahaha! Kyle!
    Oh, P.S. – I took a day lily, a lily of the nile, some Cana lilies, the pinecone lily, the aloe plant (THANK YOU GRANDMA!),u mmmmmm and some other stuff I forgot to get started.

    Oh, oh but I had to leave my Bella donna’s… sad, sad, sad. Will you see if Grandma has anymore?!

  2. Do you plant Blue Spruce in lower Alabama? I want one; it reminds me of home. Also, I would like a dandelion patch for tea and salads. Any help would be great.

    • I think the blue spruce is zones 3 through 7, but I think you can grow them in 8 as well. Trick is to try to mimic their natural habitat as much as possible, and try to purchase one that is bred for a slightly warmer environment. If you can find one at a local nursery, you’ll be in business.

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