A Short Treatise on the Narrow-Minded

I am slowly realizing how unintelligent and narrow-minded people can be. Someone thinks that just because something works for them, that same something must also work for everyone else around them. People think that they are right, and they think that everyone else is wrong. They don’t change their ways; they don’t listen to the voices of wisdom and reason calling out to them. They don’t change. They never change.

Forgive my dull subject matter; I am merely speculating about many different kinds of things. I am an introvert – an extreme introvert as far as the introvert-extrovert scales goes. So much so that I could be confused with having, perhaps, the borderline of some manner of personality or mental disorder in which the symptoms mimic my lone-wolf personality. I could go for days or weeks without communicating with someone, and I would be perfectly content, and socializing is a thorn in my side which I am always loathe to engage in, barring the exclusively precious few people from whom and with whom I am miraculously never goaded or drained. Thus, it is not so farfetched of an ideal to claim that I own a severely limited tolerance with those to whom communication is merited or necessary; I must spend my finite energy like water in a wasteland of desert, a precious resource that is scarcely resupplied all too quickly expended.

There is a season for which I find it demanded of me to engage in such an oppressive demonstration of constant communication that I find myself a bit overwhelmed at the very thought of it. However, I am not so acute as to shirk from it. I will not be a narrow-minded (pardon my French) “sack of shit.” I bend with the wind.

Something still remains to be said, however.

When someone conceives this idea that, because verbal or written communication stirs the swirling pot of vitality within their own soul and fills them with beams of sunshine and rainbows, everyone is just as they are and craves to communicate so fluently and consistently and ceaselessly – quite frankly, that really burns me. Oh you narrow-minded idiots! Will God not hold you accountable for your narrow-mindedness? I do not know – may God have mercy – but it seems to me that intelligent beings are those with a broad spectrum of ideas always surging the walls of their brain, and it also seems to me that it is a sin against the law of nature to require a snake to fly high into the heavens, or to require a bird to partake of the abyss at the bottom of the ocean.

Even so, I will be the bird at the bottom of the ocean, and I will be the snake flying in the sky with the geese. Those who seek to lay me out or put me down will be shocked and dismayed when they realize that, in all of their attempts to be rid of me, I have overcome and have cut their objects of affliction into shreds with my bare hands.

If you allow me, I will use you for everything you are worth, and then I will leave you behind in the distant and ugly horizon, at the city of whose dust I will shake off of my sandals as a testimony against you.

Here’s another thought.

If a hundred people go through your life over the course of a year, and ninety-five percent of them tell you that something or other within your circle of influence – a specific something – needs to change or has potential to be vastly improved upon, then you would be a very narrow minded individual indeed not to investigate the provocations of their thoughts. You should understand, by now, that something is amiss in your life, and you ought to seek what that thing is and change it.

Chances are, some of these people care about you; some of them don’t. Some of them are dumb as a rock; some have minds that are sharper than the executioner’s axe. Each one of them, however, has the basis of human experience from which they are drawing their conclusions from. Some speak to you out of spite; some speak out of love. Some speak of out a general desire to see all men succeed, and some speak only to hear themselves talk. But the fact still remains: they see something you don’t.

Perhaps fifty percent of these people don’t know what exactly is amiss with you – they just leave you with an inquiry to your own soul. But fifty percent most likely do see something – do see a lot – of the thing that ought to be changed.

Of those fifty percent, perhaps fifty percent (twenty-five percent of the original) can tell you exactly what is wrong and exactly what you need to do about it. At this point, it is laughable for you to deny that something is wrong. You refuse to accept that there is a better way, but insist on having things in your own way. You are, by all standard definitions, an imbecile.

May I be like flowing water able to turn this way and that, and fill any and every container that my volume can inhabit in any shape or variety in which they come, but may I never be like a stone who, while strong, cannot move nor flow, cannot bend with the time nor change its state, but can never cease to be what it is, can never move forward in life because it is so never-changing, so stagnate, so preoccupied with the force of gravity that movement or change is impossible, baring a stick of dynamite, after the use of which it is grotesquely demented.

I hope you will choose to expand your soul with me today, and cease to be narrow-minded. If your skills are well-rounded, nothing will be able to stop you – not even the entirety of hell come out against you. But be warned – if you are not diverse, you will likely drown in the floods that are sure to come.


3 thoughts on “A Short Treatise on the Narrow-Minded

  1. Well said my friend! I love you and I hope my ideas are beneficial and seen for what they are. Some of us have very expansive minds and can consider many variables to draw conclusions. Those who do not need to be dealt with in a way that teaches gently despite our thoughts of draining their blood and pouring it out on the ground. Hold steady; the particulars will dissipate before your eyes.

    • I agree. We will have to move on to the next thing one day, better things, and they will still be climbing the same mountain over and over again, never able to learn, apart from a miracle, no matter how hard we try to teach them. But it won’t be because I didnt try to show them.

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