Would it be strange
To ask you to dance?
I don’t know
How weird it sounds,
Only that your flowering face
Bids me to come, your luscious scent
Pulls me closer

Careful, careful.

Can you please forgive me
These feelings I have
I cannot control
I cannot douse them with soot or water
They shine like the sun
Slice through the darkness

Minutes slip by
Precious few left
Til my sunset of happiness
Extinguishes into
The night of sadness
And my chance to reach you is spent
Me waiting, knowing that I must wait

Like a predator waiting for
The right moment to catch his prey
I know I must wait

Careful, do not trample
The little flowering perennial

Close is my door, gone is my chance
I watch you leave
Inside the eyes of my mind
I watch you slip from within reach

The predator allows his prey go free
The hunger burns inside of him
Like a demanding and violent fire
But he waits and licks his lips
Knowing there will be another chance
Knowing that he has the scent and the trail

Careful, he thinks
His stomach growls, famished


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