Lovesick Eyes, Beating Heart


Lovesick eyes

Heart beating with pain

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick”

Hope is deferred, heart is sick


Beating heart, you silly thing.

Let me go, unhand me!


I see nothing else in the rose-colored lenses of my eyes

Other than that of my beating heart, out of control,

I am not at fault. I can’t help but see things differently.

I can’t stop it from growing, can’t stop it, no.


Is it love, or is it fear?

Does she really see the rose hue gleaming in my eyes?

I cannot bear to look at hers. The sparkle there is gone.

Or is it? How can I know when I haven’t looked?


My heart knows, perhaps, but doesn’t care.

Ponder the life that could be, even though it shouldn’t.

Can’t stop it, freight train, top speed, malfunctioning brakes.

A thousand horses stampeding, none can be consoled.


Beating heart, you scoundrel.

Let me go, unhand me!


I am not a man to mince words with.

I am not a nice man at all, when I am fully unreserved.

But how can I say these words when my own enemy

Is the very beating heart of my soul?


Don’t chain me to you

Don’t take me away with your misinformation

What I see exists in my eyes, but not in hers, not in anyone else’s.

Or does it? I could never know, could never bring myself to find out.


Impossible of impossibilities.

May it be to me according to your word. But what was that word?

Can you clean my ears out? Am I really that daft?

Assuredly I am: a simple man with a simple mind.


I lose, you win. I cannot defy you.

Please let go, don’t let go, more stubborn than I.


I can stop myself, but I cannot stop my heart from beating.

Such a thing would be suicide.

I cannot stop seeing what I see, the rose color never fades

The sweet music never ceases playing in my ears


Look but not touch, smell but not pluck,

Hear but not strum or clap to the music,

Trapped in a cocoon, between the glass plates

Of what I see and know


Lovesick eyes, heart beating with pain

No release in sight


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