Rock and a Hard Place


How can I know what to say?
The heart is a wicked thing,
Telling itself to go where it cannot go,
And begging to own what it cannot inherit.

How can I know which path to take?
Multiple voices saying multiple things,
All the while my heart can’t say
Which way for sure.

So it hurts, hung in between
Two places, two opposites,
Of which my heart can possess neither,
Of which my heart must not be satisfied with any.

How to alleviate the ache that cannot be changed?
How to plug such a hole, of which it seems
That the world does not contain enough things
To seal it shut?

How does one know which path to take,
When one is wrong and the other impassible?
The heart is a wicked thing,
Causing hurt by begging the impossible.

No, I cannot go this way.
No, you cannot go that way.
No, you cannot stay here.
But you can feel the pain.

Surely I am not wrong or strange
That my heart begs partiality to these feelings, although,
I wish I was wrong,
To have a reason to cast off these fetters of emotion,

Then I would not feel.

But then I would not be human.


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