Can you see me?


“Can you see me? You probably can’t. To the naked eye, I am a blip on your focal radar; I am a floater meandering around the corner of your eye lens; I am a chameleon enshrouded by the landscape surrounding me; I am a wisp of wind; I am a cloaked vessel. But I am there. I am right there in front of you, and that is what it means to be a ninja. To be in plain sight, and yet not to be seen at all. To be face to face, eye to eye, and yet as incorporeal and intangible as a puff of smoke. To be the unsuspecting persona of the shadow itself, being seen and noticed by only those to whom I will it, whilst their comrades and dearest friends standing just by cannot possibly fathom my existence. Those who do not see are safe, but those who see will do so only momentarily – for the insignificant strain of time it takes me to snuff out their miserable existence, smothering them into the dust of the earth with no more effort than plucking off a flower petal on a glorious and unabashed morning of early spring. To my friends I am a mysterious guardian angel, and to my enemies, I am the face of death incarnate.

…I am a ninja.”


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